Teamworks l Coworking Buenos Aires

Coworking is a practice that has spread very quickly among US Freelancers and since a few years ago began to expand in Europe and Latin America. Coworking is the practice by which professionals who share neither company or business sector come together to work together in the same space. The main objectives are to combat labor loneliness, and of course, lower our spending bills. But that’s just the beginning.

In a coworking space you will find a much more competitive infrastructure than you would have working from home. We can have a place where work and personal life separate. We can relate with other professionals and share a coffee or a project.

Coworking is a way of working that allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups in different sectors, share a workspace, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently, while promoting joint projects.

Cooperative work promotes stable relationships between professionals from different sectors that can lead to customer-supplier relationships. In any case it is often a sense of belonging to a community, beyond the effective linkages among workers who frequent coworking spaces is generated.
With dozens of spaces located in countries like USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, among others, these types of places are also used by professionals who travel around the world and carry only their laptops. However, the flexible and practical nature of this type of space, allows many professionals to establish a permanent workplace, without commitments associated to contracts for services and supplies, where the minimum period can be changed easily.

Definitely, coworking is the type of work that is here to stay.