A new year begins and Teamworks continues to grow! This month we are going to introduce you to our new teamer: Damián Matsumoto . Learn a bit more about him!

During his student years, Daniel dedicated his hours to study film and photography, and specialized in the art of light. His passion for capturing real moments led him to open his own studio, where he performed fashion photography, portraits and even gastronomic images.

However, his professional life started to shift toward a different path that finally led to work in foreign trade. He spent 14 years working in logistics, land freight, imports and exports.

In addition, he added experience in maritime logistics and in the administration and representation of international land transport.

Lots of years in the industry helped him to develop his own company, and he currently works as a trader between China and Argentina. In particular, Damián is dedicated to imports and, in addition, is responsible for financing imports for third parties.

Throughout this new year, Damián aims to become a supplier of products in China. Moreover, his main aim is to be in charge of the production and bottling of wine that he will later export to the Asian country.

As part of his plan for 2019, Damián decided that Teamworks was the right place to carry out his tasks. “It is a comfortable space, with an easy and quick access and excellent price-quality ratio,” he said.

Welcome to Teamworks!

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