In Teamworks we receive professionals and entrepreneurs from different areas. In this occasion, we will welcome our new Teamer: Celina Strassera.

Celina has developed her freelance career by combining two of the things she loves the most: translating and law. Due to the power of this combination she has been able to progress with an entrepreneur project for the last ten years.

By being a certified translator, she managed to boost her knowledge and apply it in the area of law. Her work consists of translating legal documents to English and Spanish. Her orientation has been focused particularly in Corporate Law, Mining and Environmental practice areas.

Although she has been freelancing for years, she has also worked in an environmental NGO in which she advised on this kind of matters. Moreover, she lived for 4 years in Chile, where she met her current partners.

As a person who likes to explore and get to know new cultures, Celina has her aims as clear as water. In the not too distant future she is willing to expand to other countries, in order to offer her services worldwide. Besides, she is planning to open her business in Europe.

While looking for a place to start planning her future abroad, Celina found Teamworks. “I chose this space mainly because of its geographic location, but in the end I was convinced to stay because of the group that’s part of Teamworks. The ambiance is relaxed, and although everyone is working on different things, we can accompany each other,” she highlighted.



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