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More and more people are becoming familiar with the idea of Coworking and every time we see more space, and that there are many benefits that this innovative way of working gives us.

1. Professional area at low prices. It is inevitable that this is the first advantage that comes to mind. When you’re a freelance or have a small business with few employees, you have several options: stay to work in your home, rent a room or go to a coworking center. In the first case, space is usually not very professional, with the disadvantages that this entails; in the second, you can get to have a professional destinies space provided resources to the adequacy thereof; and only in the third case you find a professional space from day without having to worry about anything that has to do with maintaining the space. And best of all is a much cheaper and flexible solution to rent an office.

2. Scalability of space and cost. In case you have a startup or a small business, you will meet a coworking center offers to some growth ceiling, a flexible solution if your company going to grow in employees or collaborators. You’ll be able to have more or less space, making this cost, traditionally fixed to a variable cost in your business plan.

3. Flexibility. Coworking centers can adapt the space cost monthly basis while destine to be an entrepreneur. In these times, many entrepreneurs cannot afford to allocate 100% of their time to your project and combine work with other activities or self-employment; so they do not require office daily for 8 hours. Coworking spaces usually offer 90% of the different cases tariffs according to the usage you give the space: rates of part-time, full-time packages weekly hours, without meeting, and even loose hours some cases.

4. To taste, the colors. We are witnessing a boom in the proliferation of these spaces, however not all are equal. Some are aimed at small businesses, to encourage creativity, to support the international aspect of the project, the technology sector, homespun or higher solvency … What always is in all of them is a community of coworkers with a strong spirit of cooperation and willingness to work in a different way than hitherto has been working, especially in large corporations.

5. Focus, improved productivity and more discipline. Working from home is comfortable but is also dangerous in the sense that the personal and professional life are not separated. It works better because there are no distractions and keep an eye on lentils on fire or serve the plumber while installing the fix bath. Nor do you have to see to the support of your workspace: It’s over losing one morning the phone waiting for the service of ADSL will fix the line, there would be others that find a space in which all you have to do it is working. Furthermore, it gets a little more discipline regarding working hours, it is easier to hang your computer when you leave the coworking center and not spend longer than the right.

6. Image. Get your customers and suppliers in an appropriate and conditioned space. With a professional look.

7. Share projects to enrich and to carry them out. This is probably the most intrinsically own important advantage of coworking. So far, the entrepreneur has had or modesty or suspicion to share their ideas. Coworking centers are encouraged eradicate these prejudices that are nothing more than handicapping professional development. Sharing your projects will get enrich thanks to contributions from other coworkers. No professional is like another and therefore the prospect that other colleagues can offer will be much more valuable than you might have matured only on your own. In addition, generally, entrepreneurs usually specialized in their area of business, but to carry out a complete project must cover all sticks and know design and corporate image, business plan, applicable legal area, administration, etc. In a community of coworkers, you will find professionals from all areas can make additional contributions to your project … and who knows if they even get to find partners to carry them out.

8. Access to projects and clients cooperatively. Coworking centers not only will a day of more opportunities, but you can also mount specific teams with fellow coworking to serve a concrete and specific demand on a project.

9. Win isolationism. Again a danger over work from home: isolationism or being a recluse in his pajamas. The exchange with other professionals is highly recommended for motivation and avoid apathy; also improve your knowledge of market trends and gives access to knowledge that you just never have obtained.

10. Keep up to date. The latter advantage goes hand above. Besides already become best professional through the exchange of information and knowledge with the community of coworkers, in most coworking centers will find a very interesting proposal monthly courses and activities. There are more oriented to personal enrichment (yoga classes, cooking, etc.) and the need to encourage professional development (using tools that help productivity entrepreneur, legal and administrative, coaching knowledge to the entrepreneur, days exchange with external entities, etc.).

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