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Whether it is at the office, at a coworking space or at home, people spend hours and hours working in front of a computer. And what it is even worse is that they end up so overwhelmed and exhausted that they may have not even finished their duties. Routine drowns productivity.

Nevertheless, there are some basic and healthy tips that effectively distract the mind from the screens and that manage to boost productivity and creativity at the same time.

So, grab your pen and write down these healthy tips that will help you concentrate and fulfill your daily work.


Easily increase your productivity

Some may use complex techniques to distract their minds from work and increase their productivity, but it is more effective if you start with the simple ones. Besides, you can apply these tips wherever you are working from.

First of all, it is essential to eradicate procastination in your working hours. And, which activity daily distracts you? Constantly checking your social networks. Although many may use these to work, it is convenient to keep a limited use of these platforms at the office.

Social networks are an easy distraction and may help to take your mind off work, but it is also true that checking your cell phone can be addictive, and that does not help your productivity. If you have to chose a way to distract your mind, you should go outside or have a cup of coffee at the terrace. It is way better to have a connection with the world that surrounds you than connecting with these platforms.

Another habit you should start to apply is to organize your tasks, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Independent workers have a flexible schedule that can end up challenging their productivity.

The best thing to do in these cases is to establish working hours according to the moments in which you know you are more productive and efficient. This means that if you consider you are more concentrated during the afternoons, then you should organize all your meetings to be held between those hours.

These habits are details that have a very positive impact in your work or project, so take them into account and start applying them in your daily routine.



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